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Cold Storage Hong Kong

Value Added Services

We strive to help clients in all steps of the supply chain.

From start to beginning we are here to help you all the way!

Not only do we provide warehousing services but provide variable add on services to remove all headaches and supply chain problems that you may have. 

For any detailed enquires please don't hesitate to contact us!

reefer trucks

Temperature controlled trucks for all delivery or pickup needs

pick and packing

Repackaging, picking and packing. Barcode scanning and live inventory tracking handled by our specialized WMS software

Labelling and weighing

Wrapping and labelling with product sorting. All scanned and recorded live with our specialized WMS software.

Loading and unloading

Stuffing, loading and unloading containers including all steps of the transportation service available upon request.

PRODUCE Processing

With our FEHD food handling license we are able to process your products to semi-cooked states

product breakdown

We are able to help breakdown products into smaller sized for final mile customized orders

Custom pallet building

Re-building pallets using custom order depending on available stock in the warehouse for re-shipment

Product import consulting

With our expert team of consultants, we can help with any questions about importing certain products into Hong Kong 

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